Friday, May 21, 2010

Nick's Journal - Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nothing huge accomplished today, just some planning and ping-pong of the mind with an idea... at least not til a little while ago where I began production of the teaser of my first "Comovie". I'm sure there's a better name for it, but it's just what I called them after I made the change to d100 Productions to keep em feeling unique. I plan to do 3 pages as a demo and post them on Star Wars: The Old Republic website to see how well it's recieved. Y'see, the thing is. The last ones were published and sold (or at least are being sold for pre-orders) so I don't really know if I can get away with this as it's one of those copyright problems. Hopefully I can get away with it and it's cool, because so far this is going well and I'm having fun.

I'd about 1/2 way through the first page. So I may be 50% or 75% complete by tomorrow. I'd like to get it finished by Saturday. That's all for today everyone, see ya tomorrow!

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