Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nick's Journal - Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello. I settled on one page of my Comovie last night, and I'm currently nosing around to see if it's ok to proceed with the whole project before I do anything else. I play to revoice the page as people have made good points that my voices are too low, and/or the background noises/music are too loud to hear it. So we'll have that.

I'm not going to do the new A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. I'd rather save it for a whole review of the Elm Street franchise... and I just got back from seeing MacGruber. And all I can say is... eh.

It was ok, I honestly enjoyed the skits more than the movie and I'd seriously rate this one fairly low on the SNL Movies Tier List. Still... it's ok... I guess. With a budget of 10,000,000 dollars they're likely going to profit off of this. But I say save your money. I'm going to be working on a review of it after I finish this blog.

I've also begun work on the script and research of Deadly Danger Dungeon. And so far I like what I've got. Don't think it will be done for awhile, but you never know. More later. Have a nice night everyone.

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