Friday, May 21, 2010

Comovie - Blood of the Empire #1 TEASER

Ok. Part of me REALLY want's to go further with this, but another part of me doesn't as I don't want to make this and have it pulled for copyright. So I decided to do just one page instead of three and use that time to work on a few scripts for some future projects.

Anyways. All voices are done by me... with a few programs to help. The Sith and The Emperor have a few alterations, but the Narrator and the 'Smuggler' are my own voices with a few natural pitch and tone changes. Anyways I hope everyone likes this and if it's ok to do, and it takes off... I may finish the first issue and god willing if it get's bigger and it's still ok. Each issue after that. Enjoy!

Oh. And I'm sorry about the small size, it looks ALOT better with a bigger picture but I want to hold off on posting it on YouTube for awhile as I'd like people to get to know my blog more than my YouTube page. But I'll post it up there eventually. Maybe in the next day or two. This is also my first attempt at voice acting... so forgive me if it seems less than perfect...

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