Tuesday, May 18, 2010

d100 News - 05/18/2010

Hello, Nick Alstat here formerly known as Big Angry Nerd; why the change in name and site (no longer posting on http://thebigangrynerd.blogspot.com/)? Big Angry Nerd is just too close to the Angry Video Game Nerd by James Rolfe (my hero as you all know) and there are people who won't even give my videos a glance because I'm probably just another "AVGN Rip-off Artist". Well I don't want that. So I just dropped the persona (wasn't really a character, it was pretty much all me anyways) and decided to use my real name Nick Alstat for everything, and just call everything I make a d100 Production. Kind of like Cinemassacre.

Well. The name's changed, but I haven't. I'll still be doing game, movie, and food reviews; and new projects I never got to doing. So keep checking in and subscribe to this blog because I'm starting an Online Journal here in addition to all the stuff I post, and you'll get updates whenever something new appears.

Anyways, bellow is the official production logo and video for d100 Productions. I shot it in an office and I didn't turn off the computer so that's why you hear that humming in the background. This version will likely be changed in the future; but it's fine for now.

Cheetos and Mountain Dew... no Dungeons and Dragons DM screen though, Nexus Games only had a Pathfinder Screen so I got that. I prefer Pathfinder anyways. But the meaning behind d100 Productions is you never really know what the production is going to be like. Good, bad, fair, no real guarantee. No matter how good you are, it all comes down to a roll of the percentile dice...

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