Friday, February 11, 2011

Nick's Journal - Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow. While the amount of views on the Hitler Hears About video isn't anything viral on the global level. It's viral on the average amount of hit's I get on my videos XD on the UNIVERSAL LEVEL! I'd like to thank the YouTube user aniMASity who submitted the link of my video to EventHubs that got accepted and mentioned in one of they're updates! This is big for me ^_^ it feels like I finally made a quality video that says, "hey, I CAN do this stuff!" And since I'm a sentimental guy I took a screen capture... sad? Maybe XD

Oh. And I SHOULD be getting my copy of MvC3 today ^_^ I got the Next Day Delivery on the SE copy from the Capcom Store... but I'm not holding my breath as I think something could still go wrong even though the tracker say's it's being delivered to my house -_-; crazy to pay $29.95 to play the game 4 days early? Maybe... but when you live in Oregon there ain't no other way within the state to get a game early -_-; and I NEED IT!

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